Our Nuovo SiO2 Interior Detailer is developed with the same active SiO2 content as our coatings, ensuring maximum protection for your plastics. The spray & wipe formula leaves a non-greasy OEM level finish on all plastic finishes, protecting from harmful UV rays, whilst repelling dust, dirt, water & stains. The easy-clean protective finish lasts for 6 months on interior plastics, 6 months on engine bay plastics and up to 3 months on exterior trim. In addition to cleaning and protecting your plastics, our Nuovo SiO2 Interior Detailer freshens your cabin with a sweet signature scent. Designed to protect the following finishes: All textured plastic finishes Rubberised finishes Matt & gloss finishes Interior trim Vinyl & leather Engine bay plastics Properties: Active SiO2 content UV protection Anti-static Abrasion-resistant Water Repellant Sweet Signature Scent Directions for use: Apply 3-4 sprays onto one of our Twisted Clarity Interior Cloths. Using the cloth, wipe onto the surface in small sections. Repeat this process until the desired effect is achieved. Remove excess coating from glass and gloss black plastics with the short-pile reverse of the cloth. **Do not use on fabric or Alcantara.**