Revive our Leather Dressing and feeder. A unique blend of waxes & oils, to enhance the appearance & feel of leather surfaces. Formulated to lightly clean the surface gently lifting dirt while feeding and nourishing the leather. Ideal for new and old leather it moistureizes the surface keeping it from becoming dry and cracking. A non greasy leather care cream which is ideal for any leather surface. With built in stain and waterproofing agents to make your leather look like new. • Enhances the appearance of the leather surface • Formulated to lightly clean the suface while feeding and nourishing • Ideal for new and old leather • Moistureizes the surface to prevent drying out and cracking • Non greasy • Built in waterproofing and stain agents • Comes in 250ml bottle with flip easy to apply lid Apply a thin even coat, using a soft, lint-free cloth Allow to dry, then buff lightly with a clean cloth if required.