Car-Chem Tyre & Trim Dress is our last stage protection for your tyres. A must have for any detailer; professional and beginner alike. Not only does it provide the perfect finish to all tyres, plastics and rubber trims, our tyre & trim dressing leaves behind a protective barrier that is resistant to road debris. Specially formulated to be fast drying so you can get going again quickly without any dreaded sling. PRODUCT CODE: CC300 FRAGRANCE: BUBBLEGUM COLOUR: PINK How To Use: Clean, rinse and dry the surface prior to dressing. Lightly spray the required surface and wipe over with an applicator or clean, lint-free microfibre cloth. Leave to dry. Layer to achieve a higher gloss finish. Top Tip: If you are working in windy conditions, you can apply the product using an applicator to prevent overspray on to your paintwork. For ongoing protection, apply Car-Chem Tyre & Trim Dress after every vehicle wash.

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