Wheel Stand Description · Clean, polish or coat and protect your wheels the most efficient and effective way possible. The Wheel Stand will help you get the job done better, faster more efficiently and safer. · This Wheel Stand is Portable, it has lockable wheels so you can move it when needed and not be stuck in one place. · Manufactured using heavy duty steel the frame has been powder coated to ensure it not only looks great, but will also stand the test of time without corroding or bending under load · Rollers are approximately 340mm in length and are Suitable for Wheels from 14 “to 22” in size · Easy to clean, store and take with you on the go. · All holes are pre drilled so very little tools (or skills) are required for assembly. · Assembled Dimensions: 930mm high or 36.5” high (approx) 580mm wide or 23” wide (approx) · Please be careful when assembling the stand to avoid any accidental damage between contact of metal parts. Introducing our new high quality, Wheel Stand with rollers! The perfect way to clean and protect your alloy wheels thoroughly! This strong, durable product has been designed to care for your wheels by positioning the wheel onto the stable heavy duty rollers and frame giving you comfortable and easy access & reducing strain when cleaning, decontaminating & protecting your precious alloy wheels. Position the wheel upon the rollers and you can turn the wheel in any direction to clean. Also the rollers can be adjusted (up and down) and set to your desired angle for easier access and cleaning, it also ensures the wheel does not fall when being worked on – especially working on those BIG wheels! The powder coating protective layer is resistant to water and also light chemical resistant. If you damage the powder coated surface, surface rust will become visible. Please make sure you clean and thoroughly dry your Wheel Stand after every use.