To Seal & Protect is an intense synthetic liquid paint sealant that protects your paintwork and gives you a tough coat seal with a outstanding gloss and finish. It protects your paint from harmful elements while still providing a durable coating. Make sure the paint is free from containments with an IPA wipe down, apply Seal & Protect to the panel via a applicator with overlapping stokes into a light haze, leave to cure for approx 5-10 minutes and with a good quality microfibre cloth wipe away the haze to leave a high gloss finish. Seal & Protect Synthetic Paint Sealant will bond to most polishes, glazes and waxes. Very easy to apply and gives you stunning results. • Intense liquid paint sealant • Outstanding gloss finish • Protects from harmful elements • Easy application • Gives you a instant gloss and durability PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS FLAMMABLE - DO NOT USE NEAR A NAKED FLAME

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