REFRESH – CERAMIC COATING TOPPER/SEALANT Developed as a companion product for our Ceramic Shield coating range, introducing Refresh. Suitable as a Ceramic Sealant or Topper for protecting or boosting the performance of an existing Ceramic coating. Alternatively, this product can be used as a standalone spray. As a ceramic-infused sealant, for vehicles that don’t already have protection applied. Formulated with the latest technology. This sealant contains hydrophobic polymers that bond to a car’s surface, which provide a chemically and mechanically resistant top-coat. Organometallic catalysts promote crosslinking of the polymers, further enhancing the bonding process. Application Refresh delivers outstanding beading. Plus it provides durable protection after one simple application. When using as a standalone product, we recommend performing a full decontamination for best results. Product Features Advanced protection Incredibly slick finish beads & repels water Boosts hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Coatings More durable and increased gloss, easy application! Use on several exterior surfaces – paint, chrome, and trim. Suitable for standalone use. Protects for 12 months + 500ML Bottle