Autobrite Direct 250ML Each Supersonic Set Nano Hybrid Si02 Car Coating SuperSonic is a water based, cross-linking, Si02 based, nano-hybrid sealant that protects against UV, bird lime, heat and oxidization, lasting for a minimum of 12 months when correctly applied. The Nano Hybrid film bonds to the paintwork for extensive hydrophoicity & protects against surface contamination. SuperSonic is incredibly fast to apply, just spray, wipe over and buff - it's that simple. Once applied, SuperSonic will continue to bond for approximately 3 weeks to the surface. Apply and admire the durable, stunning gloss, the sublime beading and the excellent self cleaning properties of SuperSonic. SuperSonic QD is a water based, cross linking, Si02 based, nano-hybrid Quick Detailer and acts as a 'top up' and 'booster' for our SuperSonic sealant. When you've already applied the incredible Super Sonic Sealant, naturally you want to keep it looking sharp and performing as it should. The best way to do this is with a proper maintenance routine. Simply wash in your usual safe method, then apply Super Sonic QD! 1 x 250ml SuperSonic Sealant 1 x 250ml SuperSonic QD