These brand new applicator pads are a huge step up in quality from the standard yellow applicators that we used to sell. Specially made and exclusive to Autobrite Direct, these applicators are perfect for many requirements including waxing, polishing, glazing and interior use. An essential part of any car care enthusiasts arsenal, this 6 pack of large, thick applicators are embossed with the AD logo so that you know you are dealing with a quality product. Machine washable and incredibly durable. Made of quality soft closed cell foam which makes them strong, soft and also machine washable! Perfect for Cherry Glaze, Brilliance, Carbanuba, Blendz waxes, Abyss, Clear View, Revive, and any other product where a quality applicator is required! 6 Pack • Essential and utilised Car Care product • Used for a variety of applications • Made of very high quality foam • 4" Large size