Our new Dark oak Leather & Convertible cleaning brush are a brand new product added to the Autobrite collection. Made of a high quality oak wood with a collection of synthetic 2cm bristles, giving you a safe and effective clean on your Leather surface, Vinyl surfaces and Fabrics & Fabric roof. Also our brushes are ideal for scrubbing floor mats, carpets or any fabric surface, easy to handle and to use and fits neatley into the palm of your hand. A ergonomically and comfortable designed Autobrite Direct Leather & Fabric brush which will leave your Leather & Fabric surfaces clean and grime free! Also our brush can be used on more delicate surfaces such as Alcantara & Vinyl (please test on a inconpicous area). The brush is a perfect combination when used with our FAB to clean all fabric carpets, seats and trims. Gets deep into the fabrics and loosens the dirt quickly. Simply spray the fabric area to be cleaned with Autobrite FAB, agitate with the brush and remove grime with a microfibre or wet vac machine. The Leather brush can be used when cleaning your leather surfaces, when teamed up with our 'Cleanse' & 'Revive' you have some of the best Leather cleaning products available on the market. Simply spray the leather surface with Cleanse, gently scrub the surface with our brush into circular motions and wipe clean. Ideal for smooth or textured perforated Leather surfaces. The brush is really effective to clean all vinyl surfaces such as door cards, plastic parts and trims. Simply spray the area to be cleaned with our FAB, agitate and wipe the access away leaving a clean surface. Our cleaning brush can also be used for effectively cleaning all fabric surfaces including convertible roofs. Perfect to use, easy to handle and when combined with our Citrus Wash cleaner it makes convertible cleaning easy and effective! Brush away that ingrained, dirt, moss and grime easliy with our Convertible cleaning brush. Features • Quality dark oak brush head • 2cm synthetic hard wearing bristles • 13.5cm in Length • 4.9cm in width • 1.5cm bristle length • Stamped with the AD qualiity brand logo • 1 x Brush