Final Finish is a glossy Anti Hologram finishing polish, offering the permanent removal of holograms, polishing haze, fine scratches, marring and up to 3000 sanding marks on all (including scratch resistant coating systems). Final Finish Formula is a highly specialised, homogeneous abrasive product and can be used with ease on all paint surfaces, offering a brilliant gloss finish every time! The NEW Autobrite Direct “Correct-it” range has been designed specifically for use on modern ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats, they have also proven themselves to be ideal for use on harder (German) clear coats in situations where maximum levels of paint correction are required to correct paint defects. Now with our colour coded polishes and the Dual Action Polish Correct IT pads, it makes a easy to use polishing system that removes defects from your car. Our Final Finish is ideal to use with our Black DA Correct IT pad for fine swirling and high gloss polishing to restore gloss and lustre on all paint finishes. Aimed at professional detailers and enthusiasts, these products offer advantages in terms of finish quality and work time, coupled with the ease of use formulation. Each Product offers fully detailed, easy to understand instructions, cut and gloss scale - thus ensuing the right product is used at the right stage of the paint enhancement or correction. • Anti Hologram finishing polish • Permanent removal of holograms, polishing haze, marring damage • Highly specialised, homogeneous abrasive product • Offering brilliant gloss • Super Fine cutting action • Perfect for removing holograms • For use on modern ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats • Removes 3000 sanding marks • Quality gloss flawless finish • Easy to use • Easy to understand instructions • Pad suggestion guide • Cut & Gloss Scale • Fast performance • Superior gloss finish • Suitable for Rotary Polisher and DA • Cut - 2 • Gloss - 10 • Silicone FREE


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