Hex Nano Machine Polisher – V3 (2023) Improved Internals Upgraded Polisher Build Quality Uprated Battery Construction The Carbon Collective HEX Nano Machine Polisher uses the latest technology to create a versatile, ergonomic and lightweight battery mini polisher. Easily adaptable between Dual Action, Rotary, 1″ backing plates and 2″ backing plates. The Hex Nano Machine Polisher’s versatility allows the user to work on all the surfaces a regular-sized polisher or even hand polishing cannot reach. Increase the reach of the polisher with the extension bars included to access even more difficult to reach areas, tight spaces and intricate details. Achieve the same finish across the entire vehicle – the foam pads in the kit are created from the same materials as our larger 125mm Hex Machine Polishing Pads, ensuring you get the same cut on the larger panel as you do in the tighter areas. Enjoy continuous use with two 2000mAh battery packs provided, meaning one can be on charge while the other is in use. The bright LED display shows you the exact speed setting you are using. 7 speed settings ranging from 1000RPM to 5000RPM enables the user to adjust the RPM and only use the speed necessary for the specific job. The international battery charger allows you to charge the battery no-matter where you are. (Type A, Type C, Type I, and Type G included, please see country chart here). Features: 9mm Dual Action Throw Rotary Mode 300W Motor (Increased Power and Torque over previous models) 1000 – 5000 RPM Load Sensor Adjustments Improve Full Rotary Mode Ergonomic design with rubberised contact areas for maximum comfort and grip 7 Speed Settings Digital LED Screen 2 Batteries to allow continuous use (with one on charge) Adaptable to 1″ or 2″ backing plates Increase the reach of the polisher with the included extension bars Accessories Included: HEX Nano Machine Polisher Body Hex Nano Protective Head Cover Hardcase Carry Case 1″ Metal Thread Backing Plate 2″ Metal Thread Backing Plate 1x 65mm Extension Bar 1x 35mm Extension Bar 2x 2000mAh 12V Battery Packs International Battery Charger with x4 interchangeable plugs (Australia, European Plug, UK, US) 2″ Polishing Pads Included: 2″ Yellow Polishing Pads x3 2″ Green Polishing Pads x3 2″ Orange Polishing Pads x3 2″ Felt Polishing Pads x2 (White) 2″ Wool Polishing Pads x2 (Purple) 2″ Microfibre Polishing Pads x2 (White) 1″ Polishing Pads Included: 1″ Yellow Polishing Pads x5 1″ Green Polishing Pads x5 1″ Orange Polishing Pads x5 1″ Felt Polishing Pads x2 (White) 1″ Wool Polishing Pads x2 (Purple) 1″ Microfibre Polishing Pads x2 (White) Speed Settings: 1:1000 2:1650 3:2300 4:2950 5:3600 6:4300 7:5000 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included