Brite Gel is a sticky, lemon and lime scented, non acid wheel & tyre cleaner beyond compare. Powerful cleaners that foam heavily when agitated, combined with the stickiness of Brite Gel ensure that your wheels are thoroughly cleaned without any extra effort required in recoating your wheels in cleaner. Spray, agitate, rinse, it's really that simple...a brite idea indeed. You will love what BriteGel has to offer - great cleaning power, quick and easy to use! Features • Great cleaning action for wheels and tyres • Sticky gel formula - sticks to the surface • Powerful cleaning action • Loads of foam when agitated • Lemon and Lime fragrance How To Use: • Spray directly onto the wheel and allow to dwell, then agitate using a wheel brush • Rinse clean, ideally with a pressure washer • Repeat if necessary.


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