From The Ultimate Pressure Washer Series, we bring you our Ultimate Short Swivel Trigger Gun, designed to work with a 1/4" Male quick connector Snow Foam Lance. The modern detailing arsenal is ever-changing with long clumsy triggers being a thing of the past. Our Short Trigger Gun allows for better control, access to confined spaces (such as wheel arches) and ease of access with quick release fittings or accessories. Featuring 5 interchangeable quick-release nozzles allowing you to adjust the spray pattern and pressure of your gun, from 0° to 40°. Please use the Red Nozzle with Caution, could damage Car Paintwork due to very high pressure. The swivel hose connection prevents kinking and tangling during use, which can, in turn, put pressure on the hose or fittings and cause damage. Nozzle Specs: Red – 0° Orange – 15° Green – 25° White – 40° Black – Duckbill Wide Rinse Trigger Gun Specs: MAX- 5000PSI – 345bar MAX – 150 ° C / 300 ° F MAX – 40L/Min – 10.5 USGPM Hose Connectors: Genuine Karcher K Series Adapter (K2, K4, K5, K7 only) We suggest all fittings to be sealed with PTFE tape or Liquid Sealant. When fitting the spray nozzles, double-check they are securely fitted, spraying the nozzle a few times away from the car to ensure they are secure.


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