HYDRO+ Portable Battery Sprayer Our Hydro+ Portable Battery Sprayer is the multi-purpose professional sprayer missing from your arsenal. The No-Pump Sprayer features a powerful, rechargeable Lithium Battery, pressurising the sprayer and putting an end to constant pumping, whilst the two sprayer heads can adapt to the task at hand. The foaming head can apply products efficiently at super low dilution rates, whilst the sprayer head can apply a wide range of cleaners at the spray pattern of your choosing. Suitable for professionals in any industry due to the Hydro+’s performance, ease of use and durable battery life. Make your detailing workflow faster and more efficient. The No-Pump sprayer is suitable for pH neutral products such as pre-wash, decontamination, snow foam, and wheel cleaning if you’re on the go, at work or home. PPF – This product speeds up the application of PPF films, the pre-priming feature prevents the need for constant pumping. Cleaning and Disinfection – aiding industrial cleaning by utilising non-flammable cleaners, anti-bacterial cleaners or disinfectants. Home and Garden – Aiding home cleaning for appliances, kitchens, bathroom and exterior window cleaning. This product is designed to apply pH neutral products, please do not use to spray Caustic, Acid or strong Alkaline Chemicals. Specification: 1.8L Capacity 2.5 Bar Working Pressure (36PSI) HDPE Construction Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery Quick Pressure Relief System Spray-Lock For Continuous Use Fill Scale For Accurate Measurements Included: 1.8L Portable Battery Sprayer Foaming Head Spray Head USB Charger Cable Measuring Cup Suitable Products: Citrus Cleanser Fallout Remover Satsuma Snow Foam (Foam or Pre-Wash) Snow Foam Hybrid Coating (Rinse out sprayer after use) Warning: Do Not Spray Flammable, Acidic or Caustic Liquids. This product is not designed to spray strong chemicals such as wheel cleaners, TFR or Tar Removers. Please Refer To The Chemical Label Before Filling The Sprayer. The guarantee does not cover product misuse, user error or damage from incorrect products used in the sprayer.