Ceramic Suds is an SiO2 (silicon dioxide) based, 200 to 1 concentrate luxury car shampoo. Formulated with the highest grade surfactants to give a deep, safe clean to your vehicle’s exterior. Our ceramic shampoo will cut through dirt with ease. The high-concentrate formula of our ceramic suds shampoo means a small amount goes a long way. Using the latest SiO2 technology, our technical department has created a car shampoo which will not only clean, but also protect. Ceramic Suds will leave a protective hydrophobic layer of liquid glass. PRODUCT CODE: CC204 FRAGRANCE: LEMON COLOUR: GREEN How To Use: Rinse your car first to loosen any dirt, alternatively, you can use a Pre Soak Snowfoam as a pre-wash. Add 50ML of Ceramic Suds to a 10L bucket and top up with warm Using a wash mitt, apply the solution to your vehicles surface to clean, working from the top down, making sure all areas are covered. Finally, rinse before the product dries.

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