Rinse your car with ease with our new Swivel pressure washer replacement gun and interchangeable pressure nozzle kit! Ideal for those hard to reach areas such as under arches, wheels, & more. Fits to your Karcher & Nilfisk domestic pressure washer hose with the quick release hose fitment (push and click). Quick release interchangeable nozzles give you the power and performance you require. RED NOZZLE (pencil jet) – EXTREME HIGH PRESSURE, DO NOT USE ON CAR PAINTWORK, MAY CAUSE DAMAGE. Always ensure the nozzles are attached securely before spraying at a car. Do not aim the high pressure gun at a person or animal as it will cause an injury. *Please Note – Our Karcher adapter will not fit the black C-clip older style Karcher connections, they will fit the newer ‘Click & connect’ style hose* Comes with 4 different interchangeable nozzles, 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°and 60° degree sizes Brass quick release connector for quick interchange nozzle Gun rated up to 280 BAR-4000 PSI, MAX FLOW 25l/m, MAX TEMP 150 degrees Trigger lock M22 male connector supplied as standard - Fits straight to your pressure washer M22 hose 1/4 male connector supplied to connect to your Snow Foam Lance Optional Karcher & Nilfisk push and click adapter available - please select from the connection drop down menu.

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