Superior cleaning action & very high foaming PH neutral formula with no harsh chemicals Excellent, safe cleaning action Produces blanket of foam on vehicle LSP safe, leaves a great finish & smells great Super Foam is a super concentrated pH Neutral snow foam with great cleaning abilityand provides a thick mouse style biodegradable foamcontaining a blend of detergents, wetting agents, foamers and sequestering agents for the removal of dirt, grime, traffic film & insects from all vehicles. Super Foam is the perfect Snow Foam for removing light dust, finger prints and light dirt from your car, perfect for weekly washes and will not degrade your existing wax or sealant protection. Super Foam certainly is a great product to work with, it provides light cleaning capabilities for the job in hand and smells divine with a waft of Bubblegum fragrance when you apply it through our Autobrite Snow Foam Lance. Super Foam works in conjunction with the our Autobrite foam lance, it provides a high, stable foam and gives excellent value for money. Super Snow Foam is used to loosen that light dust and dirt and draw particles away from the surface of the paint, perfect for that quick wash especially through the summer months when dirt and grime dont accumulate on the car as much as the winter months.


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