The only scratch & swirl remover you will ever need! Autobrite Direct have now created a dedicated paint Scratch remover that will remove fine and surface scratches from your paintwork and headlights. Very effective for removing scratches, swirl marks, oxidization and tarnish from your paintwork, wheels, headlights and bumpers. A unique formula to work on the scratched area to eliminate the dullness and scratched surface to reveal a brite and shiny surface in minutes! Scratch out has been designed to be used via a microfibre applicator or a polishing machine. Simply polish those scratches away - for good! This product is particular good for removing fingernail marks from the underside of the door handles to get rid of the nasty scratches that occour from wear and tear. Also Scratch out is clear coat safe and is designed to completely remove scratches ensuring a clean scratched free surface. Bumper scuffs is a thing of the past with Scratch-out! Scratch - out removes scratches from all plastic surfaces including paint marks on bumpers and plastic painted parts, you wont believe how effective scratch - out really is. Removes scratches, headlight scratches, bumper scuffs, finger nail scratches and wheels while enhancing the colour- Scratch out is all you need! • Removes scratches effectively and instantly • Removes swirl marks • Removes oxidisation • Removes paint bumper scuffs • Works via hand or machine application • Clear coat safe • 250ml Bottle