Product Description: Product Features: • Quality silk screen printed AD style bottle • Measurements stated on the side of the bottle - perfect to dilute your products • Strong & hard wearing HDPE bottle • 'Bottle Contains' strip on bottle • Grey Chemical Resistant (not chemical proof) heavy duty trigger The AD printed Detailing bottle is perfect to keep your favourite AD products in, neatly on your shelf! You can even place the name of the product that's in the bottle on the 'Bottle Contains' strip. The bottle is based on a 947ml size with measurements on the side of the bottle in ounces, millilitre's and even a easy professional mixing ratio such as 1-1,2-1,5-1 etc. A great way to get the best out of your dilutable AD products! Also with this magical bottle comes with its own Autobrite Chemical Resistant (not Chemical Proof) Trigger! Perfect if your using your AD products daily! The trigger has an adjustable spray nozzle from a straight thin jet to a wide angle spray/mist.


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