“New Repel” New formula Repel is now longer lasting with even better water repelling properties!! Repel is a superior glass sealant and rain repellent that forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces and rapidly repels water and enhances visibility in bad weather conditions. Repel will also protect the glass surface from grime, traffic film, salt, bugs, fallout, Ice and snow making it easier to clean away. It leaves a durable coating which lasts months when applied and will repel water at speeds as low as 30MPH without the constant use of your windscreen wipers. When applied, Repel will not leave a milky or hazy finish. Applicable to a wide range of industries, such as LGV and HGV transport companies, taxis, motorsport and the emergency services. The 100ml bottle will provide upwards of 15 applications, with one coat lasting up to 6 months. We recommend 2-3 coats for initial application for optimum durability after correct glass preparation. 100ml Bottle Product Features New improved formulation Forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces Repels water effectively from speeds as low as 30MPH Enhances visibility in poor weather conditions One coat can last up to 6 months