Magifoam Custard is BACK! Our popular coloured pre-wash Snow Foam is now even better with the delicious scent of Vanilla Custard! You will want to eat your car! Magifoam Custard gives you a thick yellow custard foam delight on your car combined with the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance. Magifoam Custard is an ultra-high foam concentrate which produces a thick custard, powerful and stable pre wash cleaning foam to your vehicle. Magifoam Custard encapsulates dirt, grime & other contaminants, softens the dirt and effectively removes when power rinsed. Containing a special blend of cleaners, biodegradable surfactants and foaming agents, Magifoam Custard will assist in the removal of dirt, grime & traffic film from the surface! When used as instructed Magifoam Custard is LSP safe and pH neutral on the surface of the vehicle! Product Features -Powerful yet gentle, active cleaning agents -Insane custard, stable dense foam - dwells up to 10 minutes -Wax and sealant safe, Ideal for all year round cleaning -Very economical -Vanilla Custard Fragranced -Works fantastic in the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance


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