Now we bring you what you all have been waiting for! Spray Abyss for insane durability and awesome gloss! A simple spray will leave you amazed! For a shine so deep it will shine into your very soul. Dare you gaze into THE SPRAY ABYSS - Part of the new HELLSHINE range by Autobrite Direct. The SPRAY ABYSS is a sprayable synthetic paint sealant designed specifically for cars and motorbikes. It leaves an amazingly deep glossy finish to your paintwork. The SPRAY ABYSS will give you up to 12 months protection against all the daily dirt and grime. A brand new quick spray sealant that has all the characteristics of a wax! Applys (sprays) like a wax, spreads like a wax, water behavior like a wax and protects like a wax! Now here is the clever part - you can actually apply this product to your paint, chrome, metal works, your vinyl trim, plastic parts, Motorcycle seats & glass etc etc. Whatever it touches - it protects! ;) The protection that The SPRAY ABYSS leaves is outstanding, the water behaviour is seen to be believed, a must for your sealant collection. A translucent colour like liquid sealant that is so easy to apply and remove! A quick spray, apply and wipe leaving a amazing gloss and depth! Stare into the Abyss! 100ML Bottle