Product Features: Stronger bottle Embossed with our own unique AD logo Ergonomic design Measurement markings in ML on the side Stands up on its own With the latest release of our new Autobrite Direct Foam Lances we have now managed to design our own embossed & stronger professional bottle. Our new bottle comes in a unique ergonomic design with the Autobrite/PA embossed logos stamped on the front & rear of the bottle. With a complete new design the bottle is fatter at the bottom and thins towards the top, this means the bottle will stand up much easier than the original when placed on the floor and also is easier to hold when using. The bottle also has measurement markings (in ML) on the side, which is ideal when measuring your favourite Autobrite Snow Foam for correct dilution. With a stronger, more durable plastic and including the thread neck and a complete stylish bottle our replacement upgraded bottle is a must for any Autobrite HD Snow Foam Lance.