Product Features: • 850 Micron, credit card style, plastic • Flexible and durable • Notice printed on both sides We've all been there, we drop off our car to be serviced and come back to the dreaded "service is done sir/madam, and we've washed it for you too!" As we like to look after our vehicles as Autobrite Addicts we need to make it clear to the dealership/garage that we would prefer they did NOT clean our cars. Our AD Mirror Hanger will ensure they are aware of your wishes whenever they are in or around your car. Made from durable hard wearing plastic, simply keep it safe in your glove box or service book so it's on hand should you need it. - Premium 850 micron, credit card style flexible plastic - Printed on both sides - Gives a visible warning to the dealership/garage that should they clean your vehicle they may be liable for any damage.