Product Features: • Holds a selection of your AD products and machines • Size 420 X 300 X 250MM • Central zip for quick access • Strong durable injected polypropylene hard strengthening bottom base • The perfect Detailing bag to store your AD products, accessories and machines. • The DB2 Professional Valeting & Detailing Hold-all - it holds it all • The amazing, strong and hard wearing hold-all bag for the professional! Now we have the DB1's BIG BROTHER - the DB2! • Built for the professional valeter and detailer who likes to carry their polishing machines and a whole lot more! Pads, bottled products, machines, accessories what ever you want to carry for your business the DB2 will carry it. The DB2 carrys up to 30KG in weight, with the hard, strong durable injected polypropylene hard strengthening bottom base, extending the life of the DB2, you can carry more or less anything you want! Perfect for the busy valeter/detailer that needs to carry all his gear to his next job! Also as the DB1, the DB2 has a non slip base to keep the holdall in a safe position when in transport. • There are some amazing features on the DB2 Detailing Bag! The first feature is the space in there! Loads of room and with the hard plastic base bottom in there you get a size of 420 X 300 X 250, perfect for even the longest of polishing machines Rotary or Dual Action! Stick your pads in there too! • The DB2 has many pockets within and outside the holdall, With over 25 different size pockets for all of your products inc 2 large front Velcro and padded pockets for larger items such as waxes, clays, pads etc etc. A selection of interior & exterior bottled pockets for your favourite Autobrite products including accessory spaces too! The amount of products we actually got in the DB2 was impressive! • With the DB2 you have a interlocking hard wearing plastic handle that secures by clicking into place. This means that there is no nylon handles cutting into your hands when you have weight in the bag! Comfortable and secure when clicked into place the handle is one of the best features on the DB2. Also the handle comes with a cushioned foam grip to for the most comfortable grip. • The shoulder strap on the DB2 is also very strong and adjustable. With the padded shoulder pad when there is weight in the bag it still makes the bag comfortable on your shoulder. With the same as the DB1 the DB2 has our striking DB2 logo as a heavy duty logo on the bag. Also with the stainless steel clips and buckles. • A central zip on the DB2 allows for quick access and maximum visibility to your contents when opened. It opens up in a big open square bag so you can see everything in the bag - no more searching in the bag for the small items! • So with our Autobrite Direct colour coded holdall you will stand out from other professionals! You have the bag that carries almost everything! The DB2 is the ideal, its the ultimate professional Detailing/Valeting bag! • The perfect Detailing bag to store your AD products, accessories and machines.