Autobrite Direct DA-12 12mm Correctional Throw Dual Action Polishing Machine. The new DA12 is simply one of the best Dual Action Polishers on the market today, and ideal for the car care enthusiast and professional alike. The ergonomic and sleek design of the DA12 gives you an easy to use machine which is capable of removing swirls and defects from your paintwork. The brand new Autobrite DA-12 is the new safe, low risk and effective Dual Action Polishing Machine designed to give you the results you need, when you need them! Our new DA-12 has recently had the speed dial moved to the top of the machine giving you a more comfortable control whilst using the machine through the speeds. The new Autobrite Direct DA-12 correctional throw Dual Action Orbital Polishing Machine has the unique 12mm correctional movement which covers more of the surface area whilst polishing and effectively removing swirls, scratches, defects & holograms faster & easier than most conventional dual action polishers. If you’re looking for a safe, low risk, effective polishing machine to remove defects easily from your car then the DA-12 Dual Action Polishing Machine from Autobrite is the machine you need. With a 12mm Correctional throw the DA-12 gives clever, precise and effective correction & finishing to give you swirl and defect removal whilst still maintaining the safe operation from the Dual Action Polishing Machine - a leader in automotive machine polishing technology. The DA-12mm Dual Action Polishing Machine has a powerful 880W motor with a 6 speed setting which delivers great torque, speed, smooth and quiet operation. The DA-12 comes with a unique ventilated 5&6” backing plate with vented holes to help reduce heat whilst polishing. The DA-12 Dual Action Polishing Machine comes with a kit with all you need: 3 metre red heavy duty plastic lead (non kink), 6” 150mm Vented pro printed backing plate, 5” 125mm additional pro printed backing plate, Set of spare machine brushes, Spanner, D Shaped handle, Instructions, Easy polishing guide, Finished in a high quality double wall new style printed box. Specifications: Power: 880W 6 Speed 12mm Correctional throw, 6” & 5” Backing plates, 3 Metre anti kink HD cable, 220-240v, 1,800 - 4800 OPM, Complete With: Orange Correct It! Machine Pad Green Correct It! Machine Pad Black Correct It! Machine Pad 250ml Restore - Heavy Cut Compound 250ml Enrich - Medium Cut Compound 250ml Final Finish - Final Finish Compound DB2 Large Detailing Bag