Product Features: -Extra plush buffing towel -Specially designed for removing polish, wax and sealant residue -60x40 cm in size -Ultra soft suede edging -1300 GSM thick pile non scratch microfibre CHUNKY MONKEY - By Autobrite Direct. Go ape for our new plush buffing towel! When you've polished or waxed your car, and need the residue removing, look no further than our Chunky Monkey! A 60x40cm super plush towel, designed specifically for removing boisterous residue from paint and glass. The Chunky Monkey is safe on the most delicate of surfaces, thanks to its incredibly soft 1300GSM fabric. The Chunky Monkey's ultra soft suede edge will ensure there's no monkey business going on around the edges, ensuring your paint is truly the King of the Swingers!