5 Litre Autobrite Direct Magifoam + 5 Litre Superfoam Magifoam has been formulated to be a concentrated ultra high foam additive that will produce an extremely stable dense foam when used through a Heavy Duty foam lance. With a light banana scent this product is extremely pleasant to work with and the stable foam produced will linger for up to and over 30 minutes meaning that there is no more rushing around to clean wheels, badges or door shuts like before whilst the foam is dwelling. By using magifoam as a foam prewash the risk of swirl marks and scratches when washing the car is dramatically reduced. • Superior, Safe Cleaning Action • Very High Foaming • Banana Scented • Economical to use. • Produces a blanket of foam on vehicle • Dwells on car surface up to 30 minutes giving you maximum penetration and cleaning • Contains biodegradable surfactants • LSP safe • Leaves a great finsh! Usage Instruction; Magifoam has been primarily formulated to be used in a foam lance, with a dilution rate of 100:1 it is also very economical, this equates to roughly 1-2" in the bottom of a 1l bottle in a foam lance when using with a domestic pressure washer. To use simply rinse the cars surface first, then spray the car with a liberal layer of foam and allow to dwell for at least 10 minutes, after this time simply rinse the foam off and watch the dirt rinse away too. The longer this product dwells the deeper it penetrates into the dirt and more of the dirt will then be removed. Keep away from children and animals, if ingested seek immediate medical attention. Autobrite Citrus Wash! The only APC/Degreaser you need for all your Car cleaning dutys! It can be used as a pre-wash cleaner and degreaser, a bug remover and a general all purpose cleaner for your wheels, arches, door edges and boot apertures. A beautiful citrus fragrance.. Citrus Cleaner/ Degreaser, is our best performing multi-purpose cleaner, specially blended to clean a variety of surfaces. Our heavy-duty cleaner is formulated to cut through oil, tar, grease, & road dirt, while being tough enough to remove all industrial grime as well. • Great cleaning action • Ideal through a Autobrite Foam Lance • Excellent pre-wash cleaner • Removes chalky residue from plastic trim • Removes mould effectively • Removes Bugs effectively • Dilutes up to 100-1 • Gentle citrus fragrance makes it great to work with Superior cleaning action & very high foaming PH neutral formula with no harsh chemicals Excellent, safe cleaning action Produces blanket of foam on vehicle LSP safe, leaves a great finish & smells great Super Foam is a super concentrated pH Neutral snow foam with great cleaning abilityand provides a thick mouse style biodegradable foamcontaining a blend of detergents, wetting agents, foamers and sequestering agents for the removal of dirt, grime, traffic film & insects from all vehicles. Super Foam is the perfect Snow Foam for removing light dust, finger prints and light dirt from your car, perfect for weekly washes and will not degrade your existing wax or sealant protection. Super Foam certainly is a great product to work with, it provides light cleaning capabilities for the job in hand and smells divine with a waft of Bubblegum fragrance when you apply it through our Autobrite Snow Foam Lance. Super Foam works in conjunction with the our Autobrite foam lance, it provides a high, stable foam and gives excellent value for money. Super Snow Foam is used to loosen that light dust and dirt and draw particles away from the surface of the paint, perfect for that quick wash especially through the summer months when dirt and grime don't accumulate on the car as much as the winter months.