Carbon Collective HEX Nano Machine Polisher **FREE DELIVERY** – Dual Action Battery Polisher Kit

HEX Nano Dual Action Machine Polisher utilises the latest polisher technology, this 12V portable polisher comes complete with 1″ and 2″ backing plate sizes. Dual Purpose – Although this is a dedicated Dual Action Polisher it’s easily adaptable between Dual-Action and Rotary by removing the dual-action mechanism and replacing it with one of the backing plates provided, easily changing between 1″ and 2″ for maximum access. You can also increase the reach of the polisher with our alloy extension bars (included) for both dual action and rotary modes by fitting the bars between the polisher and the mechanism or backing plate. Enjoy continuous use with two 2000mAh battery packs provided, one can be used in the machine whilst the other is on charge, ensuring the polisher is always ready to use. The bright LED display shows you the exact RPM you are using, 7 speed settings are adjustable by 1000rpm increments, ranging from 1000rpm to 7000rpm, enabling you to easily adjust the RPM and only use the speed necessary for the specific job. The international battery charger included, allows you to charge the battery no matter where you are in the world! (Type A, Type C, Type I, Type G included, please see country chart here). Features: 9mm Dual Action Throw Ergonomic design with rubberised contact areas for maximum comfort and grip 7 Speed Settings Digital RPM readout (1000RPM increments) 2 Batteries to allow continuous use (with one on charge) Adaptable to 1″ or 2″ backing plates (included) Increase the reach of the polisher with our optional alloy extension bars (included) Machine accessories included in the kit: HEX Nano Machine Polisher Hardcase Carry Case 1″ metal thread backing plate 2″ metal thread backing plate 1x 65mm extension bar 1x 35mm extension bar 2x 2000mAh 12V battery packs International wall (mains) charger with 4 interchangeable plugs (Australia, European Plug, UK, US) 2″ Foam polishing pads x9 1″ Foam polishing pads x15 2″ Polishing pads included: 2″ Yellow polishing pads x3 2″ Green polishing pads x3 2″ Orange polishing pads x3 2″ Felt polishing x2 (White) 2″ Wool polishing pads x2 (Purple) 2″ Microfibre polishing pads x2 (Blue) 1″ Polishing pads included: 1″ Yellow polishing pads x5 1″ Green polishing pads x5 1″ Orange polishing pads x5 1″ Felt polishing x2 (White) 1″ Wool polishing pads x2 (Purple) 1″ Microfibre polishing pads x2 (Blue)