Product Features: • Handmade in the UK • Made from North American Luxury Sheepskin The Scythe - The weapon that precedes The Reaper in reputation and in cleaning order. Obliterate dirt and grime with The Scythe. Handmade in the UK using the finest quality North American sheepskin with a plush 1" pile, as used in the most luxurious of cars. Use in conjunction with BaneBlade to achieve sickening results. Glide gently over the paintwork in straight lines and watch The Scythe go to work. CARE: When finished, rinse in lukewarm running water to remove suds and dirt. Wring gently to remove excess water and allow to dry naturally. Gently brush if required to remove any matting and keep The Scythe a deadly weapon in the fight against filth. Do not store wet or machine wash as this can lead to premature deterioration of The Scythe.