Autobrite Direct Phantom luxury Thumbed Lambswool Wash Mitt

Product Features: • Made from genuine Rolls Royce carpet offcut fibres • Luxurious 1" wool pile • Dedicated thumbed section • Comfortable elasticated cuff • Reduces the risk of swirls & scratches during contact washes Your car is a prized asset, and as such it deserves the utmost of care. And when it comes to the wash stage, your car deserves the pinnacle of luxury. The Autobrite Direct Phantom is a thumbed wash mitt designed with decadence in mind. The luxurious 1" wool pile material is destined for greatness. It features a dedicated thumbed section and a comfortable elasticated cuff, to secure the plush wool mitt during the wash stage. The Phantom enables a safe wash stage, where the opulently deep pile gently takes the dirt away from the coachwork of your car, ensuring a marr free surface. Do not store wet or machine wash your AD Phantom, as this can lead to premature deterioration. Do not use any detergents or conditioners Do not store your Phantom in a bag - this will cause deterioration also. Do not pressure washer clean your Phantom whilst in or out of the bucket, this will cause weak spots within the hide of the mitt and may rip or come apart.