Product Features: Effective cleaner, degreaser & bug remover Citrus infused Ready to use Ideal for cars and motorbikes Removes dirt instantly Hellshine Fire is a citrus infused cleaner, degreaser and bug remover for cars and motorbikes. It tackles almost everything, engine bay dirt and grime, bugs splatter on your car, cleans tyres, removes dirt and grime from body panels, cleanse bike spoke wheels, cleanse exhausts, in fact theirs not much it can't do! Fire wont degrade your waxes and sealants either making Fire one of the go-to products to clean your car or bike, It degreases instantly with a single spray! Laced with citrus oil its very pleasant to use and effective. Fire tackles dirt and grime and even breaks down oil deposits from motor bikes, mudguards, engine cases, exhausts and wheels. This is a ready to use product and requires no diluting. However to get more for your money, you can if required dilute the Fire product up to 20-1.